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Roofing Systems


Rubber roofing membrane has been an engaging selection of the low-slope commercial roofing industry for over 40 years.  EPDM continues to be a top choice, and its’ low cost has heightened the appeal to contractors, architects, and owners.  While the other two types of systems are still popular, EPDM has been the choice in the coming years, but these two systems are very cost effective and still provide a quality roof.

EPDM’s high resistance to wind damage has also proven to be a very appealing quality of the roofing system. These roof systems can be designed to meet a variety of wind uplift criteria from Factory Mutual, including 1-60, 1-90, and 1-120 ratings and greater, and the stringent code of Dade County, Florida.


Standing Seam 

Standing seam metal roofs help you reimagine metal roofing with clean, sleek lines and a minimum of exposed fasteners for a unique aesthetic effect.

A structural standing seam roof panel system meets performance goals by being constructed with a raised portion where the two panels meet, enhancing overall weather resistance. In addition, the panels interlock in such way that allows thermal movement without damage.

Finally, standing seam metal roofs are a highly sustainable choice since it is manufactured using recycled content, as well as being fully recyclable.


Built-Up Roofing

For more than 100 years Built-Up Roofs commonly abbreviated BURs have been being installed in the United States.  Typically installed using “tar and gravel,” the systems are a combination of multiple layers of bitumen and fabrics that create a water-tight, long-lasting finished membrane.  The term ply is often used to quantify the amount of cross-layers of membranes on the roof.

Using many possibilities, this system allows for roofs to be installed in all kinds of weather, unlike its competitors that require high temperatures, the versatility of being either cold applied or hot applied make this system a choice for many architects, and contractors, who enjoy seeing satisfied customers.

Many times, the surfaces of these roofs are accompanied by using gravel or granules that are applied using asphalt across the entire surface.  This system allows the owners to feel safe that their roof will last for years, and with the manufacturer quality, and Quality Improvements, LLC’s pride in their work, owners can be guaranteed to have a long-term manufacturer’s warranty that is accompanied by a warranty by us, covering our workmanship in future years.


Roof Coatings

These sustainable roofing systems save expensive removal and disposal cost. They help to protect your roof from ultraviolet and Infrared rays for added durability. The high albedo reduces heat and lowers energy costs for owners which double the value of the system by not only protecting your property but also saving money in the process. They are resistant to acid rain and chemical pollutants, with the guaranteed 100% adhesion of system to substrate.

Another appealing aspect of this system is the wide range of colors provides beautiful architectural finish.  They also meet V.O.C. emissions regulations to eliminate facility downtime during application.  The mere fact that the product is nontoxic is a popular niche that allows for commercial and municipal roofs to be restored or replaced without businesses and schools having to be out of session.



The most commonly known roofing system is where Quality Improvements obtained their humble beginnings, and still remains true to our core.  We install three different manufacturer systems and are members of all of their Elite and Premium contractor programs.

With shingles constantly being improved to protect your family, property, and priceless memories in your home, the warranty possibilities have grown to many years past the time you may stay in your home.  As well, the new systems provide very high wind resistant warranties, labor and material guarantees, and most importantly a beautiful, jaw-dropping curb appeal for all who drive by your home.

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Roofing Systems

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